Assistant Front of House Manager | Nia Henderson

Nia Henderson, a proud Bronx native, embarked on her professional journey armed with a degree in education. By day, she nurtured young minds as a kindergarten teacher, and by night, she added a touch of flair to the bar scene with her bartending skills. Amidst her bustling schedule, Nia finds solace and joy in attending cycling classes, indulging in the art of crocheting, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and cherishing precious moments with her husband and one-year-old son.

Driven by her passion for curating unforgettable experiences, Nia felt the pull back to the hospitality industry. With dreams as bold as her spirit, she envisions owning her own wine and tapas bar, where she can combine her love for hospitality with her knack for creating memorable moments. Excited to be part of the Flavor Hills team, Nia eagerly anticipates contributing to the company's growth and success, fueled by her dedication and enthusiasm for crafting exceptional experiences.