Front of House Manager | Tyler Bucknam

I have happily devoted my life to the success of the friends, family, and peers that have surrounded me. To encourage growth in not only work environments but to generate a high standard of morals is important to have a happy life. I moved to North Carolina in 2018 when I initially joined the United States Marine Corps. As Front of House Manager at Flavor Hills and a proud Marine Corps veteran, I am able to bring a unique blend of leadership and integrity to my role.

With a strong focus on high morals and team building, I strive to create an environment where every member of our team can thrive. Drawing from my military background, I instill a culture of excellence, emphasizing the importance of communication, mentorship, and camaraderie. By fostering strong relationships and empowering my staff, I believe we can achieve unparalleled success together. At Flavor Hills, I am dedicated to not only ensuring operational efficiency but also cultivating a team-driven approach that sets the stage for lasting excellence and growth.