Tellers J. Pollard III | Chief Operations Officer

Tellers Pollard grew up in Prince George's County Maryland. He joined the Marine Corps in 2007 at the age of 21. Tellers started out as a Private, and worked his way through the ranks to become a Chief Warrant Officer 2 at the time of his exit, after 13 years. Teller's job in the Marine Corps was an Aviation Supply Operations Officer and he was designated the Technical Expert in his field. Tellers supported Marine Corps aircraft flying operations, so his responsibility was to run an aviation supply warehouse full of aeronautical material that was responsible for keeping aircraft 100 percent mission capable at all times. Picture an Amazon type setting but for the Marine Corps. 

While Tellers served he earned his Bachelor's degree Magna Cum Laude, in Supply Chain Management & Logistics, from Ashford University Forbes School of Business. He was also given an amazing opportunity to get out of his comfort zone and serve as a Marine Corps Recruiter for 36 months. 13 months into that tour he took over the recruiting station he was assigned to and became Station Commander, leading a crew of 5 Marine Corps recruiters under his charge in a multi-state operation that covered enlisting men and women into service all throughout Virginia and North Carolina. 

Towards the final years of working in the Marine Corps Tellers started Tellers Truss Wealth Group LLC with his business partner Andre Truss in the role as Chief Operations Officer where they focused on Real Estate Acquisitions and Real Estate Sales. The success from those ventures allowed them to expand again into Restaurant Operations in 2021 and they built Flavor Hills Restaurant & Bar.

Tellers is also an author of the self help and personal growth book titled, Mastering Your Ideas: An Entrepreneurs How-to on Thinking Big, Achieving in Business and Leading Like a Champion which was published in 2023. Tellers has been married since 2006.