| Culinary Director | Chef Morgan Teianne'

Chef Morgan Teianne, originating from Washington, DC, has brought a unique and creative touch to the culinary world, from her beginnings in the small kitchen of her mother's home to now owning her own restaurants.

Chef Morgan has developed a unique style of cuisine that blends traditional southern flavors with Caribbean influences. Her dishes are carefully crafted to ensure the utmost quality, flavor, and presentation.Growing up in a family of cooks helped shaped her culinary style. She was influenced by both of her late grandmothers, and her father who owned his own catering company.

In 2018, Chef Morgan started her own business, Empirical Cuisines, which provided catering and private chef services. During this time, she continued working at many restaurants to learn the elements of the culinary industry. She has worked in almost every position you can name in a restaurant, such as server, bartender, service manager, dishwasher, line cook, etc. Morgan studied Advanced Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management at Stratford University where she was able to gain more knowledge on flavor analysis, menu development, and more.

Chef Morgan also gained culinary knowledge while working under her Chef mentor whom trained with Chef Gordon Ramsay. In her spare time she enjoys being a mother, reading, listening to music, developing new recipes, going out with loved ones, or enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Celebrities such as Vivica A. Fox and more have also validated how amazing her culinary creations compliment the palate.

She is now leading the Flavor Hills culinary scene as Culinary Director, ensuring the best southern quality to our guests and mentoring our Chefs through creativity and kitchen operations. 

Every meal she creates reflects her value to provide not only excellent taste but comfort to the mind and soul.