Human Resources Manager | Eraibian Peterson

Eraibian "Robbie" Peterson is a testament to resilience and determination, with a remarkable journey that embodies the spirit of overcoming adversity and achieving success. Born in Hartsville SC and raised in Southeast DC, Robbie graduated from Anacostia Senior High School, where she first developed her unwavering drive for greatness.

Robbie's commitment to her goals has been unwavering. With a background in retail and restaurant management, she has honed her skills in various industries, specializing in human resources, automotive sales, and merchandising. Robbie has worked with esteemed companies such as Frito Lay, Pep Boys, Auto Zone, and Walmart, where she played a pivotal role in establishing the first Walmart in Washington DC. It was there where she met her mentor Pastor Melvin Witcher of Little David Baptist Church of PG County who guided her on the path of righteousness, and motive to strive for excellence. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Robbie is deeply dedicated to serving her community. She has volunteered with numerous organizations addressing homelessness in Washington DC, including SOME, Covenant House Washington, DC General Shelter, and DC DHS, as well as her alma mater, Anacostia High School.

Robbie expanded her horizons by working with unemployment agencies in Idaho and Pennsylvania. This experience not only broadened her skill set but also ignited her passion for human resources, leading her to pursue further expertise in this field.

Robbie's journey with Flavor Hills began as a server, where she seized the opportunity to excel and quickly rose through the ranks of management and ultimately to HR Manager. Her belief in the power of manifestation and determination has been the driving force behind her success, inspiring those around her to strive for greatness.

With an unwavering commitment to helping others thrive and achieve their goals, Robbie continues to make a profound impact in both her professional and personal spheres. Her story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration to all who encounter her, reminding us that with resilience and determination, anything is possible.