Front of House Manager | Tarin Nelson

Tarin Nelson, a dedicated individual with a strong sense of purpose, hails from Paterson, New Jersey. His early life in Paterson laid the groundwork for his resilient character and ambitious spirit. Seeking to broaden his horizons, Tarin ventured to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for his college education, where he immersed himself in academic and extracurricular pursuits, preparing for the challenges ahead.

In 2018, Tarin took a significant leap by joining the Marine Corps, marking the beginning of a transformative journey. His role as an aviation supply chain specialist was not just a job; it was a mission. Tarin thrived in this demanding environment, showcasing his aptitude for logistics and his commitment to excellence. His involvement in NARF 21.1 and numerous training operations and deployments underscored his dedication to his duties and his country.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tarin has a rich personal life characterized by diverse interests. He is a fitness enthusiast who spends considerable time at the gym, sculpting both his body and discipline. Poetry is another of Tarin's passions, allowing him to explore and express his inner world and reflections on life.Tarin's ethos of being part of something greater than himself is a thread that runs through all his endeavors. His service in the Marine Corps was a profound expression of this belief, and now, his involvement with Flavorhills presents a new avenue for growth and impact.

At Flavorhills, Tarin continues to seek opportunities for personal development and to contribute to a collective mission.Driven by a desire to create a lasting legacy, Tarin is unwavering in his pursuit of success. His story is one of relentless determination, a testament to his resolve to make a significant mark on the world and to live a life that resonates beyond his years.