About our Restaurant

Flavor Hills was conceived with a heartfelt mission – to infuse the world of dining with energy, excitement, and a deep sense of community. Rooted in the vision of its Marine Corps veteran owners, hailing from bustling cities, the restaurant was born from a longing for upscale modern dining in a place where people could truly be themselves and unwind. As technology advances, it's easy to lose sight of genuine connections, and Flavor Hills aims to remedy that by creating a haven where individuals can rediscover the joy of human interaction in a positive and inviting atmosphere.

Their mantra is simple yet profound – Eat, Laugh, Drink – and it resonates through every facet of their establishment. The paramount goal is to elevate the guest experience to a level that transcends a mere meal. The staff is nurtured to embody this philosophy, making Flavor Hills a sanctuary where patrons can immerse themselves in life's pleasures and relish each moment.

To realize this vision, the journey led them to a gifted chef based in Washington D.C. Together, they conjured culinary magic, and thus, Flavor Hills' story unfolded. The restaurant stands as a testament to the power of scratch cooking, with a contemporary twist on Southern comfort cuisine. The chef's passion is evident in every dish, a symphony of rich flavors and vibrant aesthetics created from fresh, thoughtfully sourced ingredients. The same devotion spills into the drink menu, where cocktails come alive with the vivacity of hand picked fruits, artistic garnishes, and the magic of botanicals.

Not content to be just a dining spot, Flavor Hills weaves itself into the fabric of North Carolina's community. The bonds with local vendors and businesses are genuine and deep-rooted. A prime example is their beer selection, showcasing the offerings of the first women veteran-owned brewery in the state, nestled in Durham. Their cocktail concoctions also bear the stamp of local pride, thanks to the collaboration with the prestigious Walton's Distillery, a true gem of Onslow County.

In essence, Flavor Hills is a haven where warmth, connection, and the love for quality cuisine converge. It's an invitation to rediscover the art of savoring life, one bite, laugh, and sip at a time.